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Celebrating Volunteers – Volunteer Week

6 images of different individuals who volunteer with the Life Project and the text reads "Volunteers Week 2024" "Celebrating Volunteers" "We Thank You All"We are always grateful to everyone who volunteers with the Life Project, but this week (3-9 June) is Volunteers Weeks so with charities all around the country we shout HIP-HIP-HOORAY for all our Volunteers!

We give thanks for all our volunteers – helping at the Allotment, Barn, with Springs, Transport, Fundraising, Governance, and much more besides.

Do You Know? The Life Project (Bath) currently has 23 regular volunteers supporting our Day Services, leading Springs, providing Governance, facilitating fundraising, organising events, helping with cleaning, sharing gardening skills, & much more.

We also have space for new volunteers especially (but not limited to) Gardeners, Fundraisers and Drivers! Could this be you for an hour or so per week?

Hear from Our Volunteers: Why not read what Kathryn and Faith have to say about their experiences of volunteering with The Life Project?

Do You Know? The Life Project (Bath) accepts volunteers for Work Experience, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and other initiatives to give young people experience of working with learning disabilities.

Pray: for new volunteers – especially gardeners for the allotment, members for the Resourcing Team, and Drivers to transport Makers.

If you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch to find out more 07708 217 901 /

We Thank You ALL!

Text reads "Thank You! To all our wonderful volunteers. You are valued and make our community so special."