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Celebrating Volunteers – Meet Faith

How would you describe yourself?
I’m Faith, originally from Northern Ireland but have been living in Bath since 2015 (I moved here for my undergraduate degree and stayed ever since!). I love good coffee and enjoy doing anything musical! I also love animals and especially love dogs (I am always showing people photos of my parent’s dog Spot!) I am a music therapist currently working at a school for young people with complex autism and also work part time in a coffee shop!
How long have you been volunteering with the Life Project?
I originally started volunteering at the barn during my final year of my undergraduate degree back in 2017, but due to work commitments moved to help out with the Springs group after I graduated!
What is your role in the Life Project?
I am a general helper at Springs and also co-lead the worship section of the evening with Jessie!
What is your best moment in the Life Project?
The best moment for me is every time we get to worship together through music at spring. I love seeing how each member expresses their worship and enjoyment of the instruments and songs, each member is so unique and so this is reflected in their worship too – it is just so beautiful and joy giving!!
Why would you recommend volunteering with people with learning disabilities? 
No matter what sort of day or week I am having I always know that coming back from helping at the life project I will have a big smile on my face. Being able to spend time with our incredible members always brings so much joy and I just love being able to interact with each of them and see their friendships with each other and their genuine care for one another!