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Fundraising Ideas

Thank you for considering a fundraiser to support The Life Project (Bath). We want to ensure the safety and health of our community so before considering any fundraising activity please consider any risk, health and safety, and ensure your event can comply with all relevant restrictions. If you have any questions with regards to staying safe while fundraising please contact or 07708 217 901.

We love it when people decide to raise money on our behalf and sometimes we get asked for suggestions of what to do so this is our page of ideas that might help you, your friends and family to choose something that works for you, to get involved and support our work. Not everyone can afford to give and certainly we wouldn’t want anyone to get into financial difficulty (only give you are able). We can all do a little something to raise some funds – whether big or small – every effort makes a difference to our services for people with learning disabilities, their families, and carers.

We can support you with your own fundraising page on LocalGiving so you can collect sponsorship before and during your fundraising activity. We can also supply information, flyers, publicity, and other resources to help you make the most of your event.

Dares for DonationsDares for Donations

Yes, that’s right there are all kinds of dares you could take on – whether it’s shaving your head, shaving someone else’s head, skydiving, waxing your legs, waxing your chest, committing to wearing fancy dress or a costume every day for a week, dye your hair in the Life Project Colours (or any colour), dye your beard, stay silent for a day…

And anything can be a dare. You just have to be silly enough to do it.

Food for FInance

Food for Finances

One of our supporters organised two soup lunches over different weekends. She simply made some soup, invited friends for lunch, and asked for donations towards the Life Project. Fundraising doesn’t have to be crazy, silly, expensive or lots of effort, you can do something you enjoy and simply invite people to enjoy food and drink with you.

Why not invite friends for mulled wine and mince pies over the Christmas season? Organise high tea and enjoy the traditions popular in our home town of Bath, have a coffee morning with your friends or family, or even told a coffee morning at your place of work or worship. You could prepare a simple meal of soup or an extravagant 12 course tasting menu. Cheese tasting, wine tasting, sweet tasting… whatever your favourite things to eat you can invite people to join you for a tasting time. One idea we love is holding a bring and share – everyone brings a different part of the meal – or get even more creative and have a travelling meal where each course is enjoyed at a different house.

Games for Life (Project)

Games for Life (Project)

Whether it’s a board game, online game, console gaming or a game of bingo who doesn’t like to have a bit of fun? What could be more fun than playing a game and raising money for the Life Project (Bath)?

You could invite friends or family over for a board game marathon… how many games can you play in X number of hours? Set up a challenge with your favourite gaming – who will win in a Mario Kart competition? Organise your own football championship playing Fifa 22 or go old school and run a foosball (table football or “metegol” to the World Cup winner Argentina) or Subbuteo world cup. You can play in person or get people together in the virtual world (using Zoom or MS Teams) and have a Bingo Night, Quiz Night.

If you want to get a bit more physical you could organise a charity game of football or tennis, arrange a climbing competition or see who can shoot the most baskets in X amount of minutes, whatever sport you enjoy you can turn it into a fundraiser!

Sale for Silver

Sales for Silver

It might be pushing it to say silver but you’ll have to excuse the alliteration… hopefully you get the idea though, do you have something you could sell to raise money?

Perhaps you need to have a post Christmas clear out and some of those new gifts will replace older versions of things you no longer use. They may not have value to you but could you sell them on Ebay/ gumtree/ marketplace and give the proceeds to the Life Project? You could host a bring-and-buy sale (last year one of our supporters raised over £800 inviting people for tea and cake and selling nearly new items in just one weekend).

If you are creative you could create art works or cards and crafts that people will want to buy.

Maybe you could organise an auction – asking others people or organisations for donations of items that people can bid on. This could be in person or online. It doesn’t have to be physical items you could could organise an auction of talents or skills. Perhaps you can offer to clean someone’s car, walk their dog, or if you have a talent you could offer an introductory lesson (music, painting, computers, etc) or use your skills to make the auction winner some unique artwork or write them a song. There is no limit to what you could sell or arrange to be sold!

Events for Economics

Events for Economics

There are all kinds of events that you can organise to take place at your own home, place of work, place or worship, or even get in touch with us and we might be able to help provide a venue. You could organise a gig with local musicians and/or comedians, host an open-mic night, organise a literary or poetry reading evening. If you are feeling creative you could organise a treasurer hunt, a teddy bears picnic, a murder mystery, a karaoke evening, or even a party!

Whatever you choose to do we would love to support you as you support us. Let us know your plans and we can help with publicity and preparations. We want to keep the fun in fundraising!

Or simply give

If can afford it then you can simply give and don’t need to do any fundraising – which is great for us but surely not as much fun!

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