Our Ethos

The values of The Life Project (Bath) are at the heart of who we are and what we do – they are guided by a Christian ethos. These values have strong roots in the Christian teaching and practice, whilst also being accessible and meaningful for all – regardless of background. We believe that every person is unique – fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:4) – and is a valuable gift to the world and our community.

The work of the Life Project, its staff, volunteers and service users, are supported by prayer.

Our Values

The Life Project (Bath) has four key values – Creative, Inclusive, Enabling, Community – which are detailed below:


We refer to those who come along to our sessions at the Old Acorn Barn as ‘Makers’ to emphasise their role to come and be meaningfully, purposefully, and creatively engaged.

For Christians this name also has the added significance that we remember the first revelation of God in the Bible was as a Creator, a Maker.


We recognise the intrinsic value of each individual and welcome into our Life Project community adults with learning disabilities as well as family, friends and carers from all backgrounds, all faiths and none.

Christians believe that all of humankind are made in the image of God.


For us inclusion means enabling all people to have choices, to participate, and to undertake tasks whether these are considered ordinary or extraordinary.

Christians understand that God does not dictate our actions but offers us the choice to participate in the kingdom of God.


We believe we share the responsibility to support one another through community. We understand our true selves and reach our full potential when we share life with others – respecting and celebrating differences through healthy relationships.

Christians believe in one God in three divine persons (Father, Son and Spirit), a living example of community. Although we are each unique individuals, humans are created for living together in community – one body with many parts.

Day Services Logo

Day Services

Day time activities and community for adults with learning disabilities – enabling, creating and including.

Family Support Logo

Family Support

Weekly Parent Carer Drop-In to unwind, get support and be part of community. Regular retreats for parents and ongoing peer support.

Socials Logo

Social Activities

Activities for people with learning disabilities, family, friends and carers are organised throughout the year including karaoke, picnic’s, curry night, barn dances, and plenty more.

Discipleship Logo

Christian Community

Our Springs group offers adults with Learning Disabilities opportunities for Christian worship, community  and cultivating their faith.