Our Vision

An inclusive world in which people with learning disabilities know they belong.

Our Mission

To create and model supportive community for people with learning disabilities, their families, and carers.

Our Objectives

To provide purposeful activities which value the holistic needs and well-being of each individual and the community.

To create an environment that promotes social development and nurtures healthy relationships.

To offer platforms for people to express their uniqueness to the world around them and opportunities for those who want, to develop their faith.

Day Services Logo

Day Services

Day time activities and community for adults with learning disabilities – enabling, creating and including.

Family Support Logo

Family Support

Weekly Parent Carer Drop-In to unwind, get support and be part of community. Regular retreats for parents and ongoing peer support.

Socials Logo

Social Activities

Activities for people with learning disabilities, family, friends and carers are organised throughout the year including karaoke, picnic’s, curry night, barn dances, and plenty more.

Discipleship Logo

Christian Community

Our Springs group offers adults with Learning Disabilities opportunities for Christian worship, community  and cultivating their faith.