Are part of a church, business, school or group? Do you what to help us promote the work of the Life Project – sharing stories of the blessing that comes with working with people with learning disabilities, their families and carers? Could you let others know when we are looking for a volunteer to help in one of our projects or join our board of trustees? Would you be willing to tell people about our events and activities, encouraging them to attend?

As a charity founded on Christian teaching and ethos, we believe that every church can play a part in offering hope, providing community and supporting people with learning disabilities to live their best lives and to be discover the blessing and gift of our friends with learning disabilities – and that’s why we want to equip you and your church to take action. We can share resources, training and stories to inspire you and in turn your church to engage with the issues of access, inclusion and belonging in practical ways. The same offer applies to schools, business and other groups or organisations.

Logo: Life Project Ambassador

Life Project Ambassadors are people just like you who join our team of volunteers and commit to sharing Life Project news and stories with your group – church, business or school.

In return we will provide you with…

  • Resources to share – videos to tell our story, slides to include news or prayer points, flyers, posters and other materials that you tell us are helpful.
  • Support – if you are representing the Life Project we want you to feel confident and want to encourage you with positive words, but we can also come and lead a presentation or talk to your group.
  • Inclusion in our Community – we’ll connect you with other ambassadors so that ideas and support can be shared.
  • A Life Project T-Shirt – something for you to wear especially when you are promoting the Life Project (or whenever you would like).
  • An Annual Ambassadors Social – as our way of saying thank you, you will be invited to an annual social event.

For more information or to sign up please contact with details of  the church/ business/ school/ group where you would be representing the Life Project.