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Carers Week

Yet, many carers feel their role is forgotten and invisible. Carers Week, taking place from 10–16 June 2024, is a UK-wide awareness campaign seeking to increase visibility for carers with decision makers, services, employers, communities, and businesses.

Our Makers and Members of Springs rely on their carers to support them in different ways and most of their carers are unpaid – members of their family, usually parents.

Have you ever wondered what a carer looks like?

Look in a mirror. Carers look like you and me.

The number of unpaid carers across the UK is 10.6 million.” (Carers UK, Carers Week 2022 research report)

Have you ever wondered what a carer looks like?

Look at your neighbours. Carers look like you and me.

In the UK 12,000 people a day become unpaid carers(Petrillo and Bennett, 2022)

Have you ever wondered what a carer looks like?

Look at your community. Carers look like you and me.

1 in 7 people in the workplace are also unpaid carers(Carers UK, Juggling Work and Care, 2019)

Do You Know?

The Life Project supports Parent Carers and other family members with retreats and socials throughout the year.

Additional support is available through:

BANES Carers Centre: Provide support for carers of any age caring for anyone who is any age, so whether you are a parent carer or a young carer they have support for you. They also provide advice and guidance for professionals. The Carers Centre has a support line that you can call 0800 0388 885 (Mon-Fri, 9am – 1pm). For more details visit:

BANES Parent Carer Forum: Create a unified voice to advocate for  change, so that  children and young people can have access to the services and  support that they need. Their role is to work closely with parent to take important information, and work in  partnership with the Local Authority and other strategic groups to ensure that they  listen and hear what it is really like for families, children and young people, and what  change is needed to ensure that there really is an inclusive offer. For more details visit:

Give Thanks

We give thanks for all Carers – paid and unpaid – providing care, love and support.