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Celebrating Volunteers – Meet Kathryn

A photo of KS smilingHow would you describe yourself?
A chatty 70 year old (nearly) white haired wife and mother with a passion for people with learning disabilities.
How long have you been volunteering with the Life Project? 
For ever! I was one of the founder members of Springs in 2000/2001, and then later of  Mini Springs where I facilitated the group for the parents during the sessions.  It was there that we parents, whilst enjoying tea and cake, were able to take time out of caring responsibilities and, inevitably, chatted about ‘what’s next for our children’ which led to the formation of the, later named, Life Project. ????
What is your role in the Life Project?
I am still a member of the Springs team, enjoy the Life Project social events and also, along with Peter, my husband, clean the barn.
What is your best moment in the Life Project?
Wow, that is a difficult question – there have been so many ‘moments’ over long years!  More recently though – seeing the complete focus of a Springs member as I shared the Easter story (and realising that maybe I wasn’t too old to be part of our amazing group).
Why would you recommend volunteering with people with learning disabilities?
The sheer joy of sharing with very special people, not only assisting them but learning from their love and support of one another – a purer sense of real community than any other I have witnessed.  Whatever my day has been like I am always blessed, refreshed and inspired after an evening spent within this wonderful community.  Why not taste and see for yourself?