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Waiting List for Worship

When was the last time you heard of a church saying it was full and had to start a waiting list?

No, we’ve not heard that either!

Our Springs group isn’t a church but we do come together for fellowship, worship, Bible stories and prayer – so it is very similar to a fun church service – and we have had to start a waiting list!

That’s right, we have so many people who would like to attend that we do not have the space or enough volunteers! It is a wonderful challenge to have but we don’t want anyone to miss out on opportunities to worship God if this is something they want to.

We are praying about the best ways forward – and at the moment we don’t know where this will lead us and we lack the capacity with our current team of volunteers and resources. We have no doubt there will be opportunities to get involved for volunteers and we need to chat with local churches about whether you can support us with this unique and important ministry amongst adults with learning disabilities.

Most members of Springs attend local churches and our group is a special time twice a month with other, like minded people to worship together.

Please pray for the Springs group, especially our volunteer leaders, as we seek to enable worship, fellowship and discipleship with adults with learning disabilities in Bath.