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Coronation Celebrations

One of our volunteers, Kay, was involved with organising a Coronation Celebration in Twerton on Saturday 6th May.

There were so many people attending that we had to have three sittings for afternoon tea!  All children present enjoyed making their crowns, having their faces painted, following the treasure trail laid by the brownies and finishing off the day with a royal beetle drive!  Great fun was had by all.

Springs members, family members and volunteers enjoyed watching the coronation together and celebrating at St. Michael’s church community coronation party. Kay had applied for funding from the mayor and organised it all so brilliantly. It was great fun. 14 people connected to the Life Project attended.

We made bunting with pictures, prayers, and decorations on at Springs for the event and Makers at the Barn on Tuesdays made an amazing picture of a crown together and beautiful red, white and blue fan bunting which was draped around the throne.  It was wonderful to see so many people sitting on the throne and having their photos taken with the life Project crown by their heads.

They were flattered by the presence of the Mayor and by the sincerity with which he spoke to those in attendance, especially our members of Life Project (Bath). The mayor made a great impact on them.

Local businesses were involved where possible, the children from Twerton nursery, infants and St Michael’s primary not only provided much of the artistic work but came and “had a ball”; as did some of our ‘Springs’ Life project members who made the impressive bunting at the front of the nave.