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We were so lucky to have shared some amazing times with Claire here at the Life Project and…

were so sad to hear that she has passed away.  She was such a very special part of the Life Project and we will miss her greatly.   We loved having her as part of our group and miss her gorgeous smile and laugh that lit up the room.  Here is a very specially written memory of Claire by her sister, Alison.

Claire would want you to remember her with happiness and joy. She touched many peoples’ lives and tried her very best, always with a smile, in everything she did.

Claire was born in London in 1965, with Down’s Syndrome, which gave her a learning disability. This was at a time when there was little support available for families however, she had the love and support of a close extended family helping her. She went to special schools, to youth training schemes, to college and several work experience placements in catering and food service, before finally achieving her first job as a dining room assistant at Arkley Nursing home in Hertfordshire. She was there for thirteen years before moving to Bath with her mum, to live with her sister and nephews.

Claire always liked to be busy and in 2008 started in the Friends of the RUH coffee shop, in a similar role. where she worked for seven years until her memory made this work difficult. It was then recognised she was developing Alzheimers Dementia.

Claire used her early retirement opportunity well and attended two projects to keep her active, Rake Up and Grow – a horticultural project every Friday and the Life Project (Bath) for two days a week. 

At the Life Project (Bath) Claire made friends with fellow ‘makers’ and staff. She engaged in art and craft work, food preparation, cooking, bread making, gardening activities on the allotment, making plant supports to sell, creating music, dancing, exercise sessions and taking part in many Christian festival celebrations. She became a renowned ‘weeder’ and brought the fruits of their labours home. Claire loved this nurturing experience and the project gave her the opportunity to have a go, in a supportive and caring environment.

If you are able to support the Life Project (Bath), this will enable other people with learning disabilities to benefit and to have their lives enriched, like Claire.  The link to the giving page is here.

Sadly, Claire passed away on 26th March, 2021.

 The Life Project would like to thank all of Claire’s family and friends who have already given so generously.