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Reverse Advent Calendar

Image says: Save Our Services. SOS. Emergency AppealAdvent calendars are a much-loved tradition in the run up to Christmas but the reverse advent calendar is becoming increasingly popular — especially during the cost of living crisis.

What is a reverse advent calendar?

Traditionally, advent calendars are used to count down the days of Advent in the run up to Christmas – most calendars start on 1 December and run until Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Most calendars comprised a series of doors or windows to open, revealing a picture, small chocolate or little gift for each day.

But the reverse advent calendar turns this trend on its head. Instead of receiving a gift, those taking part in a reverse calendar DONATE each day.

At the end of advent, the calendar will result in a collection of 24/25 donations which can then be sent to the Life Project (Bath), Old Acorn Barn, Englishcombe BA2 9DU (or you can donate via bank transfer or making a donation online –

Life Project Reverse Advent Calendar

Template for a donation box. Cut around the template and fold together to create a box to fill with donations. Send donations to Life Project (Bath), Old Acorn Barn, Englishcombe BA2 9DU

The Life Project currently has an emergency campaign to raise £30,000 in 150 days to enable us to cover the increasing costs we face due to the cost-of-living crisis which is seeing an unprecedented rise in operating costs. Someone said to us they were thinking of putting £1 aside each day during advent to help their children see how a small donation each day can add up and contribute to make a bug difference. We thought we could help by providing a template for a donation box.

How Does it Work?

1. Download the Reverse Advent Calendar template*

2. Print the template on A4 (we recommend printing on card if you can)

3. Cut out the template

4. Fold the box into shape and stick together (Don’t forget to cut the slot for money to go in).

5. Start collecting

The person who mentioned this idea to us was thinking of setting aside £1 per day during advent (a total of £24 or £25) but we welcome all donations – so whether it is lose change or notes we are grateful for every single donation we receive and guarantee it will make a difference to the Life project.

6. Pass on your donation to The Life Project (Bath). You can either return to filled box to Old Acorn Barn, Englishcombe BA2 9DU (or you can donate via bank transfer or making a donation online –


*You don’t have to use the template, you could design your own or fill an envelope… whatever works for you.