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Fairs and Markets

We’ve had a great time over the last few week enjoying selling products that have been made or designed by our Makers. Bath Christmas Market Logo

We are really grateful for the opportunities at the Bath Charity and Communities Fair and the world renowned Bath Christmas Market. It was so wonderful to see people’s enthusiasm for all the items our Makers have been creating over the past few months (a few that we had left over from previous occasions).

Photo Collage

The Christmas Chutney made with green tomatoes grown in our Allotment was very popular and sold out in less than two days at the Bath Christmas Market. Bee Hotels made by hand by our Tuesday group at the Barn also sold out and we have less that a handful of handmade candles remaining. The candles were made using recycled candles donated by local churches and coloured using old wax crayons. If you had a chance to smell them we had plain, lavender, calendula, and an amazing pineapple scent!

Photo Collage

This year we also tried some printed items – using designs created by our Makers we had cards, mugs, tote bags and tumblers. The bags sold out in a matter of minutes after the Carol Service (they arrived too late for the Markets) and all of our Christmas cards showing the nativity scene that filled the Barn doors last year have all gone too.

It was wonderful to have the Makers involved in the selling, giving them an opportunity to see products they have made be appreciated by others who value them too! Our special thanks go to Sarah who came both days of the Bath Christmas Market and was are star sales person! She even got to meet the Mayor of Bath!

Rich is now getting ideas for what we could make and sell at different markets throughout the year as well as looing into the potential for an online shop! What out 2023!

Let’s Get Scented

The other highlight of the Bath Christmas Market was getting to know other stall holders, hearing about their experiences of Markets and supporting one another… enjoying folk to look at each others stalls, taking in turns to buy a round of warm drinks, covering stalls to allow for toilet breaks, and sharing our heater! We were particularly blessed to get to know our neighbour Jodie who runs “Lets Get Scented” and grateful to her for deciding to choose The Life Project (Bath) as her charity of the year for next year! Thank you Jodie and “Let’s Get Scented“. Do visit her online store or look out for her at Markets throughout the year!