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Making and Creating at the Barn

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During the last few months we have been having a lot of fun creating, making, playing, eating and exploring at the Barn. We haven’t been to the allotment since October as there isn’t too much for us to do and so all or our activities have been taking place at the Old Acorn Barn. We have been getting used to slightly amended routines, giving each Maker a little more time to focus on one activity. We always enjoy a walk around the village (when the weather allows) and we have been blessed with apples from our neighbours – allowing for more than one warm fresh apple crumble for lunch!

The Autumn is a busy season in the Barn as we know there are different opportunities to sell the products we make. We have been potting hyacinths in different sized pots (to be kept in a cool dark place until they have grown to at least 5cm tall). Wax has been melted and all the pots and jars we could find have had wicks stuck in and filled with the wax to make some wonderful candles. We even recycled old wax crayons to create candles of different colours and added some calendula and lavender to create different scents. Jieun had the idea of making pineapple candles so we crafted the jars to look like pineapples and the candles smell amazing!

In the workshop with Tom we have been creating bee hotels – apparently there is no en suite or room service but the bees will be well protected and enjoy a safe place in the gardens of those fortunate enough to buy one of them. It has been hard work measuring and sawing the wood, screwing the hotels together and making sure they are ready for sale.

The kitchen has been emitting a wide variety of smells – lunches as always are delicious – but we have also been using up produce from the allotment to create Christmas Chutney using green tomatoes. As we were chopping and slicing the smell was delightful but then we added the vinegar and we weren’t quite sure. However, following a taste test the feedback is that it is delicious.

It was great to see the products we have been involved in making on sale at the Bath Charity and Communities Fair and then the Bath Christmas Market, as well as some of the socials we have enjoyed with the Life Project. Most of our Makers had a chance to become market traders for a few hours at the Bath Christmas Market – though it was very cold. Being in the centre of Bath also meant we could enjoy seeing some of the other market stalls, visit the Abbey and also see an art exhibition.

So it has been busy but worthwhile and really positive for everyone involved.

Photo Collage