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Quiz Night Results

Quiz Night - 21st January 2022

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our annual Life Project Quiz Night. It was a fun evening with Quiz Master Col providing the questions.

Congratulations to everyone for managing to answer some of the questions and especially to Dead Men Walking who led in the early rounds, were over taken towards the end by The Unicorns but pulled it back with the Picture Round earning them a well deserved first place with 98 points (Col says it was out of about 120 or so).

The prize for the evening is the glory of winning and nobody goes away nothing as we all leave with a sense fun, laughter and perhaps having learned something – even if that something is there is no bonus point for naming the Harry Potter books in the correct order.

  1. Dead Men Walking – 98 Points
  2. The Unicorns – 91.5 Points
  3. The Clark Clan – 88 Points
  4. Mighty Quiz Ducks – 86.5 Points
  5. Beezlekins – 84 Points
  6. Troperton Social Club – 82.5 Points
  7. Trowvegas – 69.5 Points
  8. Twines and Friends – 56 Points

Thanks to everyone who donated to the Life Project, we raised £182.50 (+ £30 in Gift Aid). If you would still like to make a donation the link is

We look forward to seeing our next quiz night… January 2024 (or perhaps before) but you can also find out about over activities and events through our website, newsletter and of course social media (FacebookInstagram / Twitter)