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Four Seasons in One Day

Living in England it certainly feels like we sometimes have all four seasons in just one day, sometimes in just one hour! Whatever the weather the Old Acorn Barn is a wonderful place to be to enjoy experiencing the changing seasons.

Many will testify to the beauty of the place we have our Day Services, just driving a short way outside of Bath into the countryside and then getting out of the car seems to transform people. There is nothing quite like arriving at the Barn on a warm spring day, knowing we can enjoy a walk and perhaps a cup of tea/ coffee together on the seats outside. Likewise in the autumn as the leaves are turning from green to orange and looking out across the valley. Last week we enjoyed a delightful cold winter walk one morning and then in the afternoon the rain was coming down so hard it started to come in underneath the window frame as the wind blew hard. We were very thankful to be inside where it was warm and dry.

This term we are thinking about the weather and our activities are weather themed. As it rained down last week we had a music session, playing instruments and singing along to The Wise Man Built His House Upon the RockSinging in the Rain, and Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head. By the time we had finished our playing the worst of the rain had past and the cloud was beginning to give way to a little hint of blue sky. Since then we have icy conditions and beautiful clear blue skies, flooding around some of the roads of Bath and nearby, and although some parts of the UK have had snow it hasn’t quite reached us. If we haven’t experienced four seasons in one day it has been most of them in the course of a week… though most of us agree we are looking forward to some warmer weather.

As well as weather themed music we have already begun some seasonal themed artwork and we’ve been thinking about what we wear, eat, and the activities we enjoy in different types of weather. Some of us like to play out in the snow whilst others prefer to stay safe and warm inside. In the summer some of us like to go swimming or to have a picnic. In the autumn we enjoy the leaves changing colours and the crunchy sounds they make. And in the Spring as the weather begins to get a little warmer we enjoy seeing the flowers starting to bring colour to the world around us and to see some of the baby animals like lambs, piglets and calves. The theme of weather will be continuing this term and we have some wonderful activities planned, meals to enjoy and crafts to explore.