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A message from Sue, our Operations Director: A happy new year to all of you who follow the work of the Life Project! We reached the end of 2020 knowing that against all odds our group members and ‘makers’ were feeling encouraged and supported despite the different  arrangements for interacting with one another. We would have loved to have returned to business as usual this Spring but that hasn’t been possible. Here’s the latest information about our key services:

  • Barn activities remain mainly conducted through zoom calls and online activities. At the moment those who want or are able to venture out for walks, accompanied by one of our staff, are still able to do so.
  • Springs fellowship group is also still meeting fortnightly on-line but that hasn’t cramped their style as witnessed by the  wonderful Christmas Party they enjoyed in December!
  • Parent Carer drop-in group has sadly had to be cancelled for the time being. During the Autumn term we maintained a successful booking system for those who felt able to come for shorter sessions (plus coffee and cake!), but as those attending all have children at home this means no-one can meet even if they want to. Peer support is still maintained through the WhatsApp group and our Chaplain is available for those who would like to make contact.
  • Mini Springs sadly has not been able to meet since the first lockdown. If you have been involved with the group and would like to let us know how we can help your family at this particular time please email us at