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WhatsApp Prayer

Do you pray for the Life Project? Would you like to be part of a Life Project WhatsApp Prayer Group?

One of our Supporters and Parent Carer, Pauline McSherry, has set up a group and you are welcome to join.

To be added to the group you can either email providing your name and number so we can add you or send a WhatsApp message to our CEO – Rich – on 07444 408736 (again giving your name and requesting to join the WhatsApp Prayer Group).

Terms and Conditions:

  • By providing your details you will be giving consent to join the group and for your details to be shared with other members of the group. (You can change your own WhatsApp privacy settings – details are available on WhatsApp Website –
  • Information shared in the group should be treated confidentially and not shared outside of the group.
  • Do not share the contact details of other members of the group without their permission.
  • If you request prayer for someone other than yourself please ensure you have the other person/ people’s permission to mention them.
  • The group is being run voluntarily and Pauline will do her best to monitor and moderate the group. Should you be concerned by anything shared in the group please get in touch with the Life Project staff team via or 07708 217 901
  • Please do not forward adverts, memes, or other material that is not relevant to the group.
  • Anyone misusing the group will be removed.