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Small Charities Week

Small Charity Week LogoSmall Charity Week  amplifies, supports and connects  small charities right across the UK between 24th and 28th June 2024.

Throughout the week there are opportunities to access free or low cost training, seminars and resources that can help us as a small charity. It is also a week in which the collective voice of small charities is raised. Small charities are working with different people to meet different needs but we all have some similar challenges and achievements that we can shout about.

Funding will always be the number one challenge, and we are delighted that this past year has seen us result in a surplus with regards to our end of year accounts. If we want to continue, to develop our services, to grow our services then we cannot rest on our laurels but we look at all that we have achieved and it inspires us to want to reach more people and open up fresh opportunities.

We need to understand how the world around us is changing – to get to grips with what AI could mean for us (how we can utilise it for good as well as challenges it could present). We want to make sure we have a healthy working environment, with staff and volunteers enjoying coming to work. We want to meet other similar sized charities and to learn from one another.

The Small Charity Week gives us a chance to do some of these things and reminds us of the amazing things we do and that we are not alone, but there are hundreds of small charities making a huge difference.

Small Charity Week 2024: It's time to go public