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New Trustees

During the past 12 months we have been recruiting trustees to join our board to provide governance and oversight to the charity. We are happy share that we have been even more successful than we might have hoped, not only recruiting to vacancies but growing the board to bring increased diversity, experience, skills and wisdom.

  • Clive Brookes has been with us since the start so many (if not all) of our friends and supporters will recognise him, Clive is currently our Company Secretary.
  • Ben Stokes has recently been elected for a second term, and was appointed to the role of Chair in May.
  • Rob Trickey joined the Life Project back in the summer of 2022, taking on the voluntary role of Bookkeeper, and has now stepped into the position of Treasurer.
  • Paul Bright joined us at the end of last year, initially co-opted onto the board and taking on the important role of Safeguarding Trustee and subsequently picking up responsibility for Health and Safety whilst we give the new team time to get to know one another and finalise specific responsibilities.
  • Kay Labate and Pip Philips are both well known to our Makers as they volunteer during the week at the Barn and Kay also co-leads our Springs fellowship.
  • Richard Penwell brings the important perspective of a Parent Carer, with one of his sons attending the Barn.
  • Kenny Nelson is a local Pastor who as well as joining the board as a trustee is also now our Chaplain.
  • Rob Appleyard brings with him a wealth of knowledge having been involved in local politics for many years, alongside Kay, Ben, and Colin McSherry, Rob has formed our new Resourcing Team to explore fundraising and grant opportunities.

Please do pray for the Board of Trustees as they grow in knowledge of one another and the Life Project, for their wisdom as they oversee the charity and ensure we remain true to our mission, ethos and values.

Photo of a group of people - the Life Project trustees

For details about our Governance or to find out how to get involved please visit the governance pages of our website or get in touch.