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Thank you everyone … we have reached our target and raised £5,425!

Bath to Bethlehem

We want to travel (virtually) from Bath to Bethlehem, that’s 2886 miles, by Christmas Eve to raise £5,000 to …

… help secure the future of our essential activities and to develop more and varied opportunities. Our activities mean so much to our users and we want to continue our outreach in the community.  We have a unique offer where people with learning disabilities can develop and grow in their skills and also continue their own spiritual journey where they are able to express their understanding of faith freely amongst their peers and friends.

Why are you ‘travelling’ to Bethlehem?  As a Christian based charity, the birthplace of Jesus is very important to the Life Project.  We feel that Bethlehem is a really fitting place for us to travel to virtually  this Christmas. We’ll be tracking how many miles we’ve covered as we go, keep an eye on our social media.

How can you get involved?  We would love you to raise money for us whilst clocking up the miles as you run, walk, jog, cycle, row!  You can do this by adding up the miles you do every day or challenge yourself to do something out of your comfort zone!  All ideas are welcome… small or large, we’d love you to be involved.  Some ideas about how you can get involved are :

  • Always wanted to do the couch to 5K?  What better incentive than being sponsored at the same time.
  • Do you run, cycle or swim regularly?  Could you ask your family and friends for donations as you travel your usual distances over the next few weeks?
  • Fancy getting out of your comfort zone?  How about a longer  ‘one-off’ walk/run/cycle trip to raise money.
  • Could you organise something with your friends – perhaps a relay walk/run/cycle?   An example could be a sponsored walk around, say, the Bath Skyline (NT).  Your team could complete the circuit once, twice, ten or twenty times with as many people as possible (doing this in a relay enables you to involve more people in a socially distanced way).

When do I need to complete this by?  Our Localgiving campaign page will close on 24 December 2020.

I have an idea – what do I do now?  Please contact Dinah Darby by e-mailing or calling her on 07708 217901 and she will support and encourage you during your activity.  Feel free to chat through your ideas with her and then, once you have decided how you are going to raise money for us, she will send you: A Life Project Sponsor Form, Bath to Bethlehem Participation Certificate, the link to the Bath to Bethlehem Localgiving Campaign page and, if you are Bath based, you may wish to borrow a Life Project T-shirt.

How do I donate?  You can donate via our Bath to Bethlehem campaign page.

Remember, all types of participation are really welcome – the more that join us – the more exciting our journey will be!  We look forward to hearing from you?.