The Life Project

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

A  lifelong  commitment to people  with learning disabilities. Creating communities;  transforming society;  loving life.


Our Mission

The Life Project (Bath) is a Christian charity and all that we do is rooted in Christian principles and ethos.

The overall objective is to promote and protect the health and wellbeing of persons with learning disabilities and their families in Bath & NE Somerset by:

  • Providing a wide variety of day time activities, through a range of projects, with opportunities to discover and develop new skills;
    • At the Old Barn, providing people with more severe learning disabilities with a wide variety of regular day time activities and opportunities to develop life and work skills;
    • Providing the wider community with additional drop-in respite days for parent carers, together with activity days for adults with more moderate learning difficulties; Mood board 2
  • Developing an inclusive community through projects, social groups, activities and events for people with LD and their families;
  • Providing homes for life for people with LD, according to individual needs;
  • Creating a safe, inclusive environment to promote social development and nurture healthy relationships;
  • Enabling people with LD to grow in their relationship with God and to have a platform to express their uniqueness to the world around them;
  • Offering the Church and wider community an insight into the significance and power of the Christian community;
  • Providing information, advice and guidance to individuals, groups and organisations.