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The Allotment

A growing passion








We may not have won any prizes yet for our funny-shaped veggies and wacky flowers, but we do have a lot of fun down at the allotment. For six years now we have been developing our raised beds at our weekend sessions when families come together to potter around our wonderful plot on Monksdale Road, Oldfield Park in  Bath.

Since our sessions started at the Old Acorn Barn in April 2014, our makers also tend the allotment at the start of most days during the growing  – and picking! – season. We have recently employed a part time Horticultural Co-ordinator to further develop the allotment space.

Multi-sensory experiences

Gardening is a multi-sensory experience and we relish the smells of the herb garden, the taste of our soft fruit – and some of us don’t mind the feel of grubby fingers after weeding! This is a great place for growing in confidence, learning new skills and building community. Everyone has something to contribute and we enjoy sharing our harvest too.