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Today, Thursday 2 April 2020 World Autism Awareness Day 2020, we would like to share a special story with you about Dan.

Dan is on the autistic spectrum and has learning difficulties.   He ran the Bath Half for the Life Project and raised an enormous amount of money for us.   We are so thrilled with what Dan has achieved over the last few months that we want to share his story with you:

On 19 Jan, this year, Dan’s started at the Paralympic Development Academy at Loughborough University National Performance Institute,

On 15 March, Dan completed the Bath Half in a magnificent running a time of 1 hour 22 minutes 17 seconds, and

Tomorrow, Friday 3 April, Dan is being awarded the Men’s Disability Annual award for 2019, by Surrey County Athletic Association. (This was due to be held at the Leatherhead Institute).

So many achievements Dan, well done, we are so proud of you. 👍👏

But Dan’s Bath Half story doesn’t end there.  We would like to say a big THANK YOU to the medical services on the day because they spotted Dan, after he had finished the race, shivering as he waited for his family (his Dad raised money for us too – thanks Paul).  The First Aid team did a brilliant job, taking him in and looking after him so well with a sugary tea and two fleece blankets to warm up!  He was reunited with his family later, fleece blankets in tow, fully recovered 😃.  Thank you to all involved with your timely and amazing support to Dan and for sensitively meeting his autistic and learning difficulty needs.

We wish you all the best, Dan, in your future athletic endeavours.

The Life Project